U.S. Finals Champions Challenge Final Rankings – Starlites Win!

May 16, 2014


Starlites Mini Jazz Team – 1st Place Overall National Grand Champions!


Starlites Youth Pom team takes the floor at U.S. Finals


Starlites Junior Jazz team named U.S. Finals Overall National Grand Champions!

The Starlites Tiny, Mini, Youth and Junior dance teams competed Sunday, May 4, 2014 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in the U.S. Finals National Dance Championships.  Over 730 cheer and dance teams competed at the Virginia Beach event this year, making it the largest cheer and dance national championship of all U.S. Finals locations across the country.  The U.S. Finals is the year-end national dance championship where the TRUE national champions are crowned from 7 different locations across the United States.  Teams compete at one of these 7 locations; Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; Providence, Rhode Island; Pensacola, Florida; Topeka, Kansas; Los Angeles, California and Virginia Beach, Virginia.  At each location the first place teams from each age division and category are re-judged at their respect locations via video performance to determine the highest scoring team.  This team will then move forward to the next round…“The Champions Challenge”. 

The Starlites took 8 first places at the Virginia Beach location:  Mini Pom, Mini Jazz, Youth Pom, Youth Jazz, Youth Lyrical, Junior Pom, Junior Jazz and Junior Lyrical.  The teams received U.S. Finals National Champion jackets for their first place rankings.

Next, the scores were merged from the remaining teams from all  locations for “Real Time Rankings”.  Following the last physical event, the Champions Challenge Finalists were rejudged to determine the Overall U.S. Champions.  These teams will be rewarded with custom rings and champion pants!  We are proud to announce that the Starlites Mini Jazz Team, Junior Jazz Team and Junior Lyrical Team were all named U.S. Finals Overall National Grand Champions in their respective divisions!  Congratulations!

Summary of the Starlites U.S. Finals 2014 Final Rankings…

Team                               Division                             Category                        Final Placement

Tiny Pom                       Tiny (ages 4-6)                        Any Style                     5th of 9 teams overall

Tiny Hip Hop               Tiny (ages 4-6)                          Any Style                     6th of 9 teams overall

Mini Pom                       Mini  (ages 6-9)                       Pom                            3rd of 7 teams overall

Mini Jazz                    Mini (ages 6-9)                       Jazz                           1st of 3 teams overall   *National Champs

Mini Hip Hop               Mini (ages 6-9)                        Hip Hop                        9th of 17 teams overall

Youth Pom                   Youth (ages 8-12)                     Pom                            3rd of 12 teams overall

Youth Jazz                    Youth (ages 8-12)                    Jazz                             3rd of 10 teams overall

Youth Lyrical              Youth (ages 8-12)                     Lyrical                           2nd of 3 teams overall

Youth Hip Hop            Youth (ages 8-12)                  Hip Hop                        13th of 27 teams overall

Junior Pom                 Junior (ages 12-15)                  Pom                            2nd of 11 teams overall

Junior Jazz                Junior (ages 12-15)                      Jazz                                 1st of 5 teams overall   *National Champs

Junior Lyrical        Junior (ages 12-15)              Lyrical                           1st of 6 teams overall   *National Champs

The Starlites Tiny team members are:  Captain Nevaeh Sheffer, Israella Post, Reese Sloan and Ava Slossar.

The Starlites Mini team members are Captain Abby Slossar, Captain Emma Higgins, Madison Bajis, Emma Curtis, Kaylee Davis, Mollie Eagen, Ella Jacobs, Emilee Lier, Lauren Ryan, CJ Schott, Nevaeh Sheffer, Rylee Sloan, Jayde Ullenbruch and Reese VonHiltmayer.

The Starlites Youth team members are:  Captain Morgan Smith, Hip Hop Captain Averie Dunn, Jillian Curtis, Alivia Dunn,  Mollie Eagen (hip hop), Lucy Fabick, Alena Foster, Maddy Hemby, Miranda Hudson, Rylee Martin, Lacey Mayes, Brynn McGregor, Mallory Nowiski, Kevin Schott (hip hop), Allison Slossar, Brianna Slossar and Hannah Szyska.

The Starlites Junior team members are:  Captain Adrienne Slossar, Hip Hop Captain Younique Williams, Ashley Blais, Andrea Dunn, Emma Huston, Hailee Kleeves, Autumn Nay, Jamie Rich, and Mackenzie Schott,

The Starlites are coached by Laurie Charron, Kelly Kania and Lynne Hearn.

Congratulations to all our Starlites on a very successful dance season!


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