Starlites Dance Teams Chosen as Team Champion Spotlight Team of the Month

February 11, 2016

Champion Spotlight


Team Colors: Red, Black and Silver

# of years organization in existence: 17 years

# of athlete in program: 35 athletes

# of teams in 15-16 season: Tiny (Pom and Hip Hop), Youth (Pom, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop), Junior (Pom, Jazz and Lyrical), Senior (Pom, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop)

# of coaches on staff: Laurie Charron (Owner/Head Coach), Lynne Hearn (Assistant Coach), Adrienne Slossar (Assistant Coach) and Christina Rock (Acro Coach)

Any other services provided by your gym?

Huron Physical Arts Center, LLC. We offer gymnastic classes, birthday parties, field trips, competitive and recreational dance.


We are the only studio in the State of Michigan to be a partner in the National DEA Dance program (previously D.A.R.E. Dance). We offer 20 week free hip hop dance classes at a local school, with emphasis on physical fitness thru dance as an alternative to drugs and violence. Please see our website and the information provided there regarding this wonderful National dance program. We have been doing this for our elementary schools since 2006 and have coached hundreds of kids thru this grant-funded program.

Any recent accomplishments that you would like to share?

We just started our competitive dance season December 6, 2015 competing in the Showcase America Unlimited competition taking 10 of 12 first places.  This past spring we were honored to compete in the Dance Worlds Small Hip Hop Division at Walt Disneyworld against teams from all over the world.  This was our 4th year attending that event.  Additionally, my 2015 Tiny, Mini, Youth and Junior teams competed in the US Finals in Virginia Beach, taking many 1st places in that end-of-year National competition.

Any fun or interesting traditions that your gym does each season?

We always host Starlite team sleepovers in our 8,000 square foot gymnastic facility which the kids always look forward to. They sleep in the foam pit, on the tumble track, trampoline bed or on our 40×40 gymnastic spring floor.  The kids love it!  Our facility is an old movie Theatre, the Huron Theatre, that was built in 1922.  It is a beautifully unique facility with much of the original architecture restored.  Please see our website to get more information on the facility.  It is really neat!  We also participate each year in our local Blue Water Festival Parade which is the highlight of our summer events.  We also have an end-of-year banquet which the girls and families love.  After highlighting our competitive year and giving out awards, we always have the tradition of doing “Starlite Mock Awards” which the kids really enjoy.  They are usually goofy awards that reflect someone’s personality or funny things that have happened over the season.

Some of your favorite memories as a gym owner or coach:

The Huron Physical Arts Center started out in 1993 as a gymnastic training facility and in 1999 I created our Starlites Competitive Dance program, of which we are now in our 17th competitive season for dance.  Some of our favorite memories are winning National titles over the years in such venues as Showcase America Unlimited, winning numerous Grand Champion titles at the U.S. Finals over the past 6 years competing in that venue; receiving bids over the past 4 years to attend Dance Worlds International at Walt Disneyworld; placing in the top 10 in 2011 at Dance Worlds in the Open Hip Hop division; some of the best memories are the hundreds of kids we have had the pleasure of training over the past 17 years in the art of competitive dance. So many times past students will tell us that being a Starlite was one of the best times of their lives!  We have met many wonderful families that will always be near and dear to our hearts.

Things we do to create a winning tradition:

We are a year-round program.  We provide various training aspects in our program besides weekly team practice sessions, such as weekly fitness training for our junior and senior team members, technique classes, acro classes, private lessons, solo/duet opportunities and outside choreography sessions.  Also available to our athletes is our 8,000 square ft gymnastic facility where the kids can train on the inground trampoline, tumble track, spring floor and acro training tools. We have always tried to make our program more than just a business-customer type of environment.  We are a Starlite Family!

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